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About e-Distribution company

Our motto “Danish ways” means that we rely on a primarily Danish standards for the highest quality products, and the Scandinavian business ethics. This concept can meet with expectations of those who are seeking for simple and the best solutions at the same time.

Responsive Partner

We appreciate your time. We don’t delay any matters. In the era of being overflooded with e-mails, we manage them very well and come back with an answer within 24 hours.

Health Focus

We have the comfort to to choose only brands that take care about health and environment. We gain a lot of satisfaction by changing the world to the better.

Fast as a rocket

From the first call to the contract signed it takes 2 months maximum. We don’t waste good opportunities!

Do you have any ideas? Are you looking for a specialised distributor in Poland?

We care for your image

We know the ways to present your product well.

We run our own online store


We decided to co-create the reality we believe in, by introducing products and services we trust they improve the world around us.

Marcin Geltz

Marcin Geltz

Co-founder, Financial Director

Żaneta Geltz

Żaneta Geltz

CEO, Sales Director

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Our Skills

We are very selective for brands we distribute.
And we render full service in our market for those whom we invite to cooperate.

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We are passionate about Scandinavia

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We are located in Poland, you can get here by an easy flight to POZ Airport Ławica

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